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Plaiting a Tail

To plait a tail successfully, the hairs should be as long and even as possible to get a really good effect. Tail plaiting is particularly useful for grass-kept animals or those with bushy tails.
To begin, damp the hair, take a small strand from each side of the dock, pick up a third strand from one side, and work them into a central 'plait' (as shown) down the middle of the dock, taking in hair from the sides as you go. Try to keep, the side pieces even and tight, and the plait straight. When you have achieved a long enough:plait (about two-thirds of the way down the dock), stop taking in hair from the sides and continue plaiting to the ends of the hairs. This long plait can then be looped back under the dock. plait and apply an elastic band to hold it  neatly in place.


To plait the tail, begin by brushing it well then take a few strands of hair from each side of the dock. Pick up a third strand and work into a plait. As you plait incorporate new strands from the sides, keeping the plait central, tight and even. Continue almost to the end of the dock. Continue forming the central plait, but without taking hair from the sides. When you reach the end, loop the plait back as shown and secure with an elastic band.