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Plaiting a Mane

To plait a mane it is necessary to have it neatly and evenly pulled to a suitable length. You must take the same amount of mane for each plait, damp it thoroughly and keep an even pull throughout the plait. Turn up the end of the plait and wind the thread round it a couple of times, before folding the plait up and securing with thread. Then turn up the plait into a nice, neat ball and pass the needle though the base until the plait is firm, then cut the thread. (Use a thread that matches the colour of the horse's mane.) Rubber bands are sometimes used, being doubled round the base of the plait, then looped round the plait. Plaits should not be left in too long as they can damage the mane, and become uncomfortable for the horse.

Before Starting, make sure the mane is
of an even thickness and Length. Divide
a section of the mane into three, having
first dampened it and start plaiting.

Plait evenly and firmly, secure the end well and loop up on to the neck. Secure tightly and roll up to finish. Keep the mane damp and the plaiting tight. Finish off each plait by threading the needle through the completed plait a few times. Even size and shape plaits along with tight firm plaits are the secret.


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