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Previous committees

A debt of gratitude is extended to all members of previous committees.
Without the tireless work of these people, the pony club would not be where it is today.
We thank them for their time and dedication. 

Honour Roll - Committees



Vice President




 1979  Stan Ockwell  Graham Colling  Lorraine Pye  Gail Hughes  Stan Ockwell
 1980  Stan Ockwell  Peter Green  Lorraine Pye
 Gail Hughes
 Jan Ockwell
 Stan Ockwell
 1981  Ian Noble  n/a  Cheryl Gambrell  Pat Fitzgerald  Stan Ockwell
 1982  Ian Noble  John Kirk  Cheryl Gambrell  Pat Fitzgerald  Judy Lowe
 1983  Ian Noble  Jock Fraser  Grace Gaudion  Joy Sweet  Judy Lowe
 1984  Jock Fraser  John Kirk  Grace Gaudion  Bernie Bowie  Graham Sweet
 1985  Jock Fraser  John Kirk  Jackie Martin  Bernie Bowie  Graham Sweet
 1986  John Kirk  Bob Adam  Pat Bigham  Jan Kennan  Bernie Bowie
 1987  John Kirk  Bob Adam  Pat Bigham  Jan Kennan  Jock Fraser
 1988  Bob Adam  John Anker  Pat Bigham  Jan Kennan  Margaret Blackburn
 1989  Bob Adam  David Hunter  John Craig  Vernus Neilson  Pat Bigham
 1990  David Hunter  Bob Adam  John Craig  Dianne Burns  Pat Bigham
 1991  David Hunter  Dennis Conway  John Craig  Dianne Burns  Meg Wood
 1992  David Hunter  Paul Lewis  John Craig  Leslie Wood  Jane Sculthorpe
 1993  Paul Lewis  John Goulden  John Craig  Kevin Coleman  Jane Sculthorpe
 1994  John Goulden  Terry Wood  Janet Handley
 Jan Thompson
 Hilary McKenzie
 Sue Lewis
 1995  John Goulden  Terry Wood  Janet Handley  Julie Mealmaker  Sue Lewis
 1996  Merve Hearne  Paul Lewis  Mary Cullen  Julie Mealmaker  Sue Lewis
 1997   Merve Hearne  John Goulden  Carol Richards  Mary Cullen  Sue Lewis
 John Goulden        
 Alan Cooke
 Greg Barnes  Carol Richards  Helen Edwards  Gail Tzounos
 1999  Paul Lewis  Greg Barnes  Helen Boucher  Helen Edwards  Terry Wood
 2000  Greg Barnes  Arthur Taft  Helen Boucher  Roger Abbott  Russell Smart
 2001  Arthur Taft  Wendy Bartsch  Helen Boucher  Roger Abbott  Veronica Harris
 2002  Arthur Taft  Gayle Copeland  Helen Boucher  Janet Steele  Veronica Harris
 2003  Arthur Taft  Gayle Copeland  Helen Boucher  Janet Steele  Veronica Harris
 2004  Donna Harvey  Greg Barnes  Helen Boucher  Janet Steele  Veronica Harris
 2005  Donna Harvey  Greg Barnes  Helen Boucher  Janet Steele  Veronica Harris,
 2006  Anne Bakker  Greg Barnes
 Dianne Harvey
 Christine Cellante
 Janet Steele  Veronica Harris
 2007  Michael Boucher  Christine Cellante  Nicole Bates  Janet Steele  Anne Bakker
 2008  Gary Steele  Kevin Jones  Sandra Allen  Helen Kasso
 Wendy Finegan D.C.
 Andrea Smith C.I.
 2009  Gary Steele  Andrew Garland  Emma Rush  Helen Kasso

  Kerri McLeod  D.C   Andrea Smith C.I.

 2010  Gary Steele  Andrew Garland  Emma Rush  Kay Sandfort   Kerri McLeod  D.C   Tracey Kerford  C.I.
 2011   Ria Brenchley  Andrew Garland   Kay Sandfort  Andree Johnson-Clarke   Tracey Kerford

Our greatest contibutors to SPC committees

   7 years of service  Helen Boucher, (Paul & Sue Lewis - took it in turn for 7 years)
   6 years of service  Greg Barnes, Veronica Harris, Janet Steele
   5 years of service  Bob Adam, Pat Bigham, John Craig, John Goulden, John Kirk
   4 years of service  Jock Fraser, Paul Lewis, Sue Lewis, Arthur Taft
   3 years of service  Bernie Bowie, Jan Kennan, Terry Wood, Gary Steele