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Uniform and Accessory Prices

Seville Pony Club Uniforms, Saddle Blankets and Accessories are detailed below.  Please speak with Lisa Tyrell at the next rally for more information.  Click here to view pictures of items.

Item Details Price
Short Sleeve Polo Top - SPC & PCAV logo Approved  for competition  $35
Polar Fleece - SPC & PCAV (1/2 or full zip) Approved for competition $40
Black Waterproof Jacket - SPC logo Also available in Adult Sizes $65
Maroon Saddle Blanket - white piping & SPC logo Full/Pony Size $55
White Saddle Blanket - maroon piping and SPC logo Full/Pony Size $50
Saddle Blanket Wool Full/Pony Size $60
D, D*, C Books   $15
Leather Armbands Must be worn $17
Sash For Competition $10
PCAV Badges   $12
Tie For Competition $20
Vests Softshell material $60


NB - Woollen Maroon competition jumpers can be purchased via school uniform supply stores - not available through SPC